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Fiqa is the first textile brand to offer soft and durable fabrics for indoor and outdoor use. 

A new generation of textiles that are remarkably soft and also incomparably strong. We cover all lifestyles. 

Our story

We are Fiqa. We love cosiness and comfort, but equally value performance and durability. Which is why we don’t make you choose between the two. At Fiqa, we do not compromise. We go for ‘and’ instead of ‘or’. Soft and strong. Interior and exterior. Fiqa blends opposites as if they were always meant to be together. We confidently call ourselves pioneers.

We push the boundaries and offer unrivalled and unique textiles for all lifestyles. There is nothing like Fiqa.

Beanbag with view
Chair Boucle
Beanbag with view

One fabric for every scenario

are endless

Fiqa can be used anywhere you want to. Indoors and outdoors. As a sofa or a curtain. Commercial and residential. We cover all lifestyles and offer both comfort and performance.

Let us know how we can help.  

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