At Fiqa, we do not compromise. Our fabrics are both strong in performance and exceptionally comfortable. Fiqa fabrics are easy to clean with soap and water, without risk of damaging the product. Learn how to clean Fiqa textiles in our cleaning guide.

step 1-2

Remove as much of the stains as possible with a spoon and dry tissue paper.

Apply cleaning agent on to the stain and wait 2 to 3 minutes.

step 3-4

Rub the stain using a damp microfiber cloth. Make sure to apply sufficient pressure.

When the fabric starts to foam check for the removal of stains and add water if necessary.

step 5

When a stain is satisfactorily removed, rinse the microfiber cloth and rub until the cleaning agent is removed sufficiently.
Repeat rinsing as needed.

step 6-7

After both the stains and foam is removed, use a vacuum cleaner on the suction setting to remove as much water as possible.

Air dry. If a large area of the fabric was wetted, we recommend letting it dry flat to avoid distortion.