Meaning ‘curled’ or ‘ringed’ in French, bouclé refers to a structured fabric made of novelty yarns, single or plied yarn structures with irregularities. This technique is used to make fabrics more interesting and luxurious. The process to produce bouclé yarn is intensive and meticulous but it is very much worth it. The outcome is a soft and cosy fabric that is very on trend, creating a comfy space both indoors and outdoors. Our bouclé textile comes in an extensive colour palette, with earthy hues and warm neutrals complementing every interior.


// FIQA Bouclé


technical details

Seam slippage / YARN SLIPPAGE
Tensile strengTH / breaking strengTH
Colour fastness to light
colour fastness to rubbing
colour fastness to sea water
Antifungal and antibacterial

The possibilities are endless

Fiqa can be used anywhere, for upholstery and curtains, outdoor, commercial and residential. Anywhere you want to create a soft feel with performance characteristics… Fiqa delivers!

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