Our story

Fiqa is the first textile brand on the market to offer soft and durable fabrics for indoor and outdoor use. A brand-new category of modern textiles with a revolutionary and innovative approach that eliminates the limits of traditional fabrics and blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior.

Prior to Fiqa, soft fabrics for technical uses were non-existent. Strong enough to withstand outdoor high-usage conditions traditionally meant stiff, sticky and coarse textures. Velvet and bouclé fabrics could not be found. With Fiqa, you can use any textile for indoor and outdoor purposes. The innovative properties ensure easy care and worry-free maintenance. The possibilities are endless: our revolutionary fabrics can be used from acoustic panelling to curtains, from the hospitality sector to the contract market.

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The anywhere textile

With Fiqa, we provide the solution to traditional fabrics that are soft but not durable enough, or strong and resistant, but lack a comfy feeling. After many years of research, development and testing, we introduce the first ‘fabric that does it all’. Offering different styles and numerous stylish colours. Our superior textiles can be used anywhere, for upholstery and curtains, outdoor, commercial and residential. Anywhere you want to create a soft feel with performance characteristics, Fiqa delivers!

Sustainable & safe

Every Fiqa textile is made of 100% polyester. This allows us to apply an optional FR treatment, making the fabric flame retardant. All our textiles are antibacterial, eco-friendly and free from harmful substances, ensuring safety for babies and pets. Fiqa fabrics are resistant to stains, water, mould and mildew, and offer the highest lightfastness. As we do not use water to dye our yarns, we preserve one of nature’s most valuable resources. The 100% polyester composition makes our textiles easily recyclable and ensure they keep their shape for longer, even when exposed to heat. A great investment, and kind to the environment.

We set our bar high and always aim for the best results. We are proud to say that our fabrics meet the strictest requirements for the severe contract market. Fiqa textiles carry the OEKO-TEX® label, are GREENGUARD Gold certified and IMO certified. Caring for people and our planet is one of our main objectives. We make sure you can choose and use our fabrics without any worries.

Love home fabrics

Fiqa is part of the Love Home Fabrics family, a group of international latex and textile brands. Love Home Fabrics aims to be the one-stop shop for your textile needs. The Love Home Fabrics quality label stands for the values that all our brands share: quality, innovation and dedication. And a little drop of love to glue it all together.