In the rare occasion the customer has a complaint about the Fiqa fabrics or products in which Fiqa fabrics are used, a warranty claim can be submitted. 

Fiqa by Global Textile Alliance Belgium offers a one-time 3-year limited warranty to the original purchaser of the fabric from the original invoice date. This warranty covers Fiqa fabrics becoming unserviceable during the warranty period due to loss of colour, strength, abrasion and pilling under normal usage and normal exposure (including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric conditions) and when used for appropriate applications. 

During the warranty period, Fiqa by Global Textile Alliance Belgium will replace the fabrics that prove defective under normal use and maintenance with new equivalent fabrics. Fiqa does not provide a compensation for labour cost and installation costs or any other costs related to replacing the fabric. The warranty does not apply to Fiqa fabrics treated by any other company. 

This warranty does not include:

  • Damage due to abnormal use, care and cleaning
  • Damage from misuse, abuse, accidents or shipping damage
  • Improper installation, care and cleaning
  • Chemicals use


To obtain our warranty service, you must first contact us to evaluate the problem. Fiqa will request the invoice showing original date of purchase of the fabric. Fiqa will verify and evaluate the defect or malfunction of the fabric upon receipt of clear images. In the event that the defect or malfunction is not clearly visible on the images, we must receive a piece of the fabric that shows the defect. If the evaluation proves that the claim is justified, Fiqa will replace the fabric submitted for warranty. 

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